The current subject of THE MYSTERIOUS UNKNOWN is vague. It is difficult to say exactly what it is, but a crack team of psychics is working on it at this very moment...

News -- March 13, 2005
The Mysterious Unknown Website has gone public. Details as to exactly how or why this happened remain a mystery but sources within the research department have told us that it was indeed deliberate, and some kind of File Transfer Protocol software has been implicated.
News -- August 19, 2004
A man in Norway has taken a picture of a strange new sea monster living in a local lake. We of the Mysterious Uknown have reason to believe that this sea monster may be of a mechanical nature and is definitely not a terrestrial creature at all.
News -- August 12, 2004
A new and shocking photograph of the Monster of Kirkland lake has recently been taken which plainly shows a large aquatic creature moving beneath the surface of the lake:

Find out more about it by visiting the photographer's website at (no address available).