The Mysterious Unknown is a radio show which airs on Radio Free Satan (check web site for show schedule).

Each week the show deals with previously unexplored topics of the paranormal, the bizarre, and the supernatural.

As a result of the shows unusual subject matter, our listeners have many questions here are the answers to some of the more commonly asked ones, in a section we like to call. Commonly Asked Questions, or (C.A.Q. for short)

The Mysterious Unknown C.A.Q.

Q: Are you serious?

A: We here at The Mysterious Unknown are very serious about bringing you shows which deal with new phenomenon you will not find anywhere else, and we spare no expense in providing you the with most comprehensive information possible.

Q: Why haven't I heard about (show subject) before?

A: because we search the globe for new phenomena which have previously been unexplored, unexplained, or unnoticed. Rest assured that The Mysterious Unknown goes to great lengths to ensure the authenticity of all claims put forward in the shows (to the best of our abilities), and to present them in the most objective light possible. Chances are you will never have heard of these things anywhere else before, during, or since the time we dealt with the topic.

We cannot explain why other people have not picked up on the stories, as all of the information is readily available, our best guess is that other such researchers are either cowards, or are blinded by too many established "facts" to even bother exploring the kind of unexplored regions that we explore in this show.

It may even be that the things we explore are actually beyond exploration.

Q: I have discovered something which would be perfect for The Mysterious Unknown, how can I get the idea to you?

A: While we usually come up with our own topics, we welcome suggestions. Please phrase them in the form of a question, avoid using the first person singular, and be sure to use the word "berfunkel" somewhere in the description. Then email your topic to:, or use the contact page to discover strange new hyper-alternative methods of contact.


We of The Mysterious Unknown are disgusted at the lack of journalistic integrity of those who would report on the paranormal, and unusual. As a result we have defined our own code of ethics to which we adhere...

Seek truth and Report it

The Truth is an elusive and subjective thing, and it is not our place to determine what is and is not true, only to report what is believed or not believed by some to be true regardless of our feelings on the matter. We must give a voice to those who's ideas challenge the normal and sane, to report that which others fear to report, and give a voice to those who would be silenced by the journalistic community, even if they themselves are unwilling to come forward and speak for themselves whether for fear of ridicule, lack of anything interesting to say, or imaginary nature.

Minimise Harm

We seek to treat all of our contributors and colleagues with compassion and respect. There is sometimes a need to maintain the anonymity of our sources, and to question their legitimacy is an insult. All people and their claims must be taken as legitimate until proven otherwise, and even then they may be of historical interest. We also recognise a responsibility to report potentially harmful phenomena in an informative and timely manner.

Act Independently

The researchers of The Mysterious Unknown must be allowed to conduct their studies without interference from special interests, political influence, or knowledge of science. We have a greater responsibility to the public need to know than to any established "truths" or "facts," and must never cater or pander to popular beliefs about the nature of our strange and wonderful universe.


Music By -- The Socknockers

Fact Checking by -- (Name Withheld for Legal Reasons)

Resident Expert -- Jared McInnis

Head Researcher -- Professor Sinister